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Our Team

Our parish is fortunate to have a team of dedicated ordained and lay people who work together to build up our parish.

Rev Arlene Moore


William Patton

William Patton

Diocesan Reader

Select Vestry


The Select Vestry are elected each year and help to look after the furnishing, fabric, and finance of the parish, as well as supporting the clergy in fulfilling their role in ministering to the parish community.


For 2021 – 2022 period the following people were elected at our annual Easter General Vestry Meeting:


Rector’s Churchwarden (All Saints): Mabel Gilpin

People’s Churchwarden (All Saints): Vacant


Rector’s Churchwarden (St Patrick’s):  Peter Kaye

People’s Churchwarden (St Patrick’s): Victor Gordon


The duties of the churchwardens are defined in the constitution of the Church of Ireland and their main task is to assist the clergy with the conduct of public worship.


Rector’s Glebewarden (All Saints): Hugh Craig

People’s Glebewarden (All Saints): Vacant


Rector’s Glebewarden (St Patrick’s): Trevor Hassin

People’s Glebewarden (St Patrick’s): William Bell


The Glebewardens are responsible for all matters relating to our church buildings, hall, and rectory.


Honorary Secretary: Jennifer Stafford

Honorary Treasurer: Lorraine Craig


Select Vestry Members


Allan Jones, Barbara Stirling, Brian McIlhinney, Colin Stafford, Herbie Francis, Ian McGarel, Ian McCallum, Janice Jones, Johnny Hamilton & William Patton.

Diocesan Synod Representatives

Diocesan Synod Representatives

Herbie Francis

Carolyn Benson (Under 35)

William Patton


Supplemental Diocesan Synod Representatives

Peter Kaye

John Hamilton

??? (Under 35)


Parochial Nominators

Parochial Nominators

Ian McGarel

Mabel Gilpin

Jennifer Stafford

John Hamilton

Supplemental Parochial Nominators

Lorraine Craig

Colin Stafford

Trevor Hassin

Peter Kaye


Interested in volunteering?

As a parish we are always keen to encourage people to volunteer to help in our parish. Volunteering can be the most rewarding way to be involved in the life of the parish and make great friends in the process. The work of this Church is made possible by the gifts of time and talents by dedicated work of volunteers who help to run the activities each week, such as setting up for Sunday services, read during our services, help in our Sunday School or Baby and Toddler Group, assist with making tea/coffee, to name but a few of the opportunities to volunteer. If you would be interested in learning more, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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